SF stallion certified "ELITE" for jumping
also approved Holst, MIPAAF, ISH, BWP, Z, sBs,SWB, ASSI, CHS, ZVCH, SWANA
Bai - 1,73 m (17hh) - 1991 - ISO 184 - CSIO5* - JEM

Stallion recommended for eventing, BCC+24(0,80) and jumping, BSO +28(1,00)
BEST STALLION IN THE WORLD (WBFSH sires rankings 2015 and 2016)
Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS) : tested negativ
Breeder : Jules Mesnildrey (Normandy)
Owned by
S.C.E.A. Levallois - Haras de Couvains - 50680 Couvains



Placed BEST STALLION IN THE WORLD (2015 and 2016 WBFSH Jumping Sires Rankings),
the quality of his offspring is unanimously recognized and looked forward. 
Exceptional showjumper himself, DIAMANT DE SEMILLY transmits to his offspring
with an impressive regularity his strong back, scope, great balance, wonderful canter, suppleness, power, uncommon ease and super willingness, which make him a dream stallion …
one of the last leading Sire still alive with an amazing fertility rate


LE TOT DE SEMILLY, his sire :

 One of the best sire in the world.

Famous international jumping winner. ISO 177 (85)

 He begans to produce in 1985. He produced more than 1000 jumping winners and 70 stallions. He has now more than 77% of its offspring which is indexed among those which are older enough for being indexed, and more than 420 present an ISO higher than 120, which is exceptional !

His outstanding offspring includes : Diamant de Semilly, ISO 184 ; Ultimée du Chemin IE SO ; Useful III IE SO ; Venezuelian IE SO ; Ashley (ex-Alizé des Isles) IE SO : famous international winner with Mickaël Whitaker ; Azrael des Joncs IE SO ; Boléro de Brecey ISO 172 and Birdy du Gisors ISO 152, national stallions, European Young Riders Team Gold Medal in 1997 ; Fidji du Fleury, SBS stallion, ISO 167 ; Dohitzun Guernica IE SO, qualified for the WEG 2002 ; Dyaka de Semilly IE SO ; Elkintot IE SO, 18th of the WEG 2002 ; Eloïse de Semilly IE SO, WEG 2002 with the Australian team ; Etoile du Château IE SO ; Fétiche du Pas, French vice-champion of the 4 years old and champion of the 6 years old, ISO 149 ; Fidélio de Ravel ISO 169, IE SO ; Fidji du Fleury IE SO ; Flamenco deSemilly IE SO ; Fugue d'Helby IE SO ; Giotto II ISO 161 ; Ideal de Prissey ISO 170, Champion of France of the 6 years old ; Eurocommerce Vancouver (ex : Isard du Rietz) IE SO, ISO 152 ; Ismailia de Lormette ISO 173 ; Item de Quintin IE SO, ISO 159 ; Itot du Château ISO 193 ; Jasper Bleu ISO 162 ; Jumping du Rozel IE SO, ISO 160 ; Lambre du Chêne ISO 167 ; Nagir ISO 160 ; Nervoso ISO 170 ; Okavango Semilly ISO 128 ; Osiris de Goyen ISO 161 ; Pebbles d'Yzenbeeck IE SO, ISO 160 ; Picsou du Chêne ISO 176 ; Pigmalion du Rozel ISO 166 ; Quebracho Semilly ISO 171 ; Quenndal de Loujou ISO 159 ; etc.

VENISE DES CRESLES, his 1st dam : Diamant is her only offspring.

MISS DES CRESLES, his 2nd dam, has also produced :

1984 Sabine des Cresles
1998 Kristal de Margil, ICC 139
2000 Mister des Cresles , ISO 123
1985 Tania des Cresles
1998 Kara du Bocage, ISO 123
1986 Une des Cresles, ISO 163, IE SO
1988 Adonis des Cresles, ISO 132

URLURETTE, his 3rd dam, has also produced :

1969 Duc de la Vigne, ISO 142
1972 Kiva des Cresles
1980 Olympe des Cresles, ISO 121
1982 Quinou des Cresles, ISO 134
1983 Réséda des Cresles
1991 Déesse des Cresles, ISO 145
1998 Kama des Cresles, ISO 159
1984 Sérénad des Cresles
1988 Alpha des Cresles, ISO 137
1990 Cabri des Cresles, ISO 136
1992 Emir des Cresles, IE SO
1993 Fakir des Cresles, ISO 129
1994 Girl des Cresles, ISO 121
1997 Jolita des Cresles, ISO 135
1998 Kohinoor des Cresles, ISO 141
1985 Tabac des Sevres, ISO 124
1986 Ultra des Cresles, ISO 133
1988 Ariane des Cresles
1992 Elite des Cresles, ISO 132
1996 Ilyade des Cresles, ISO 127
1998 Kenzo des Cresles , ISO 124
2000 Milliard des Cresles, ISO 141
1989 Bella des Cresles, ISO 145, IE SO
1998 Keepcool, ISO 134
1998 Korto Maltese, ISO 156, private stallion
1997 Jorki des Cresles, ISO 128

Diamant de Semilly comes from the best Selle Français damline, the same as the wellknown ALME !


2002 Team WORLD CHAMPION and 9th in individual,
Champion of France 2002,

Team silver
medal in 2003 European Championships.
 His great potential has been revealed in 1999 when he was France's 1st Category Champion at the jumping criterium. Regularly ranked in international classes since (1st 1999 Saint-Lô GP CSIB, winner of the Stallion World Championship in 1999 Caen CSIA, preselected for Atlanta Olympic Games 2000, 4th in Lummen and Modena Nations Cups 2001, 8th Munchen and Saint-Lô GP CSIA, etc.), he arrived at the top level in 2002 : World Champion with the French team (9th in the individual ranking) and Champion of France after a great showjumping season (11 clear rounds over 12 in Nations Cups within Rome, Aachen, Donaueschingen). He confirms in 2003 by winning team silver medal at the European Championships in Donaueschigen. In 2004, after a good start (winner of Auvers GP CSI), he has been selected on the short list for Athens Olympic Games, but because of a tendinitis he had to stop to compete for a while. He ended successfully the 2005 showjumpig season winning the two GP CSI*** of Saint-Lô and Caen.
In 2006, 3rd of Auvers CSI** GP, 1st of Pioltello CSI*** GP, 3rd of Cervia CSI*** GP, 3rd of Normandy Horse Show GP, he ended very well by winning the GP of Liège CSI**** !
 ISO 184


Diamant de Semilly is reknowned since many years as the BEST SELLE FRANCAIS STALLION, ranked ELITE with a 100% "bet value" (ANSF ranking). Since his beginning as a stallion, he climbs each year regularly in the World sires rankings and arrives since 2 years at the Top :

Diamant de Semilly
(cf. WBFSH Show Jumping Sires Rankings 2015 and 2016)

Diamant de Semilly is also ranked :
Best Sire of jumping winners in France
Best Sire of French young jumpers
Best French Dam Sire
Best Sire of Sires Worldwide
and best sire of Tomorrow’s Stars (counting approved/licensed young stallions born between 2010 and 2014).

Diamant de Semilly is also ranked among the best sires of jumpers in Germany which includes the Top 1% ! (Let's read this ranking)

Diamant de Semilly is an OUTSTANDING STALLION ! His offspring is in great demand and is usually very well sold.

Mind – Balance – Power – Energy : THE TOP !
These are the characteristics of the phenomenal production of this exceptional stallion !

In June 2014 and again in March 2015, a son of Diamant de Semilly, the Selle Français QUICKLY DE KREISKER, becomes the BEST SHOWJUMPER IN THE WORLD under the saddle of the Moroccan rider Abdelkebir Ouaddar (WBFSH rankings).

Diamant de Semilly has already produced more than 1700 jumping winners indexed in France and so many others in foreign countries. Due to the pourcentage of his offspring indexed in showjumping and the good level of those indexes, Diamant is the SF stallion who improves the most the quality of his offspring ! He has also already produced more than 100 stallions approved and some among the best, like the 2014 French stallion Champion, Balko d'Elle, the 2011 Oldenbourg Champion of the stallions and Diarado, the 2007 Holsteiner Champion of the stallions.

He began breeding in 1996 and his outstanding offspring includes :Abdul Aziz CSI ; Asathir CSIO5* ; Blue Magic CSI ; Cescha M CSI ; Charly Brown CSIO5* ; Citizenguard Million Dreams CSI5* ; D'accord 68 CSI ; Dali PP Z ISO 149; Dansecourt de Muze CSI ; Darya I Nur CSI ; Davina 147 CSIO ; Deauville S CSIO5* ; Deko de Landetta Z CSIO5* ; Diamanthina van't Ruytershof CSIO5* ; Daimonds Billy CSIO5* ; Diarado, Champion of the Holsteiner Stallions 2007 ; Dicasi Oh CSIO5* ; Dior I Z CSI ; Dior van Overis Z CSI ; Don VHP Z CSIO5* ; Duchesse de la Pomme IE SO, ISO 136 ; Dulcinea La Silla ISO 142 ; Dylon CSI5* ; Edel Vitseroel CSI ; Elite van de Padenborre, 2008 Champion of the 4YO in Belgique ; Elvis Ter Putte, 4th of the 7YO Sires of the World 2011, 6th of the 6YO World Champoinships 2010, CSIO5* ; Emerald, winner of the 7YO Sires of the World 2011, vice 6YO World Champion 2010, CSIO5* ; Emilie de Diamant CSIO5* ; Enriques of the Lowlands CSIO5* ; Erenice Horta, 7YO Champion of Belgium 2011, CSIO5* ; Etoile de la Vie CSI ; Extra Van Essene CSIO5* ; Eyad CSI ; Flamingo K CSI5* ; Guv´nor CSIO5* ; Heliodor Hybris CSIO5* ; His Black Diamond vt Arke CSIO5* ; Ilex VP CSIO5* ISO 168 ; Isibel d'O CSI ; James Bond du Bec ISO 147; Jao de Graffan ISO 163 ; Jerminal en Noir IE SO, ISO 150 ; Jesus de la Commune ISO 171 ; Joyau d’Opal ISO 181 ; Joyau de Bloye ISO 141 ; Jycebaie ISO 141 ; Kalaska de Semilly IE SO ISO 169, Beiing OG 2008, WEG 2010, Silver Medal at the Asian Games 2010 !  ; Kalimeris d'Ariel CSI ; Kaolympe Plardière ISO 141 ; Keo II ISO 155 ; Kerman de l'Abbaye ISO 142, Vice-Champion of France of the 5YO in 2003 ; Ketmye du Bois ISO 154 ; Street Of Diamonds (ex-Kho de Presle) ISO 178 ; Kohinoor des Cresles ISO 141 ; Kola de Leurven ISO 161 ; Kolchic du Donjon ISO 155 ; Korsaire du Houx ISO 141 ; Kosovo de Semilly ISO 141 ; Kyliane du Mont ISO 145 ; Lagon de l’Abbaye ISO 167 ; Lavillon ISO 164 ; Le Chamailleur ISO 142 ; Le Diam de Rhuys ISO 147 ; Leandros de Semilly ISO 162 ; Leika de Semilly ISO 143 ; Lonesome Diams Hogue ISO 162 ; Ma Che Bella Of Coco ISO 144 ; Météorite du Chêne ISO 150 ; Mohikan de Keos ISO 149 ; Monark ISO 164  ; Morgane de Nouvo Lieu ISO 156 ; Muscaris d’Ariel ISO 163, 3rd of the 7YO World Championships 2007 ; Must Jourdanière ISO 164 ; Nectar des Forêts ISO 163, 7YO Champion of France 2008 ; Nelson de Perraz ISO 151 ; Nephtis de l'Avenir ISO 144 ; New Jimmy S ISO 141 ; Niack de l'Abbaye ISO 175, Lexington WEG, London OG; Nickie St Georges ISO 142 ; Noowanda Semilly ISO 145 ; Normandie des Joncs ISO 149  ; Norton de Vains ISO 156 ; Oak Grove's Darshan (ex. Boreal de Nantuel) 2017 vice World Champion of the 6 YO ; Obiwan de Piliere ISO 170 ; Oceane de Nantuel ISO 166 ;  Oh Girl d’Armor ISO 143 ; Olympe de la Palatie ISO 141 ; Omaha de St Siméon ISO 145 ; Ondéo de Pilière ISO 151 ; Onestar du Mesnil ISO 160 ; Open Up Semilly ISO 162 ; Or Blanc ISO 142 ; Or de Bray ISO 140 ; Orion Heutière ISO 143 ; Orphée de Nantuel ISO 143 ; Delvaux de Muze(be) ISO 160 ; Pacha de Preuilly ISO 152 ; Pacha du Fort ISO 157, Normandy WEG ; Pacific des Essarts ISO 177, CSIO5*; Pacino CSIO5* ; Paola du Terroir ISO 152 ; Peanuts de Beaufour ISO 164 ; Pembrook Milenia 4th of the 5YO World Championships 2014 ; Perle du Marais ISO 165 ; Picolo ISO 171 ; Pilig de Lojou ISO 156 ; Piman de la Deviniere ISO 173 ; Playboy du Valdys ISO 148 ; Polinska des Isles ISO 178, CSIO5* ; Prelude du Valdys ISO 141 ; Prestige de Lannay ISO 153 ; Prunella d'Ariel ISO 172, Normandy WEG ; Putch des Isles ISO 151 ; Dulcinea la Silla ISO 142 ; Qaresse de Kreisker ISO 145 ; Qateline de Cholving ISO 147 ; Quandice de Kerglenn ISO 136, Championne de France des 5 ans 2009 ; Quapitola de Beaufour ISO 163 ; Quaprica d'Aveyron ISO 159 ; Quarck dei Prati ISO 153, CSIO5* : Quartier d'la Cour ISO 140 ; Quartz de Nantuel ISO 146 ; Quebec un Prince ISO 157 ; Queen Girl Kervec ISO 162 ; Quel Mec Gerbaux ISO 147 ; Queops Chatelier ISO 147 ; Querida des Brières ISO 143 ; Querio de Toscane ISO 143 ; Quickly de Kreisker ISO 183, Normandy WEG ; Quilimane Semilly ISO 147, Champion of France of the 4 YO in 2008 ; Quisas Diamant ISO 158 ; Quisling de Kreisker ISO 147 ; Quito de Kerglenn ISO 164 ; Quito du Vilpion ISO 155 ; Quointreau un Prince ISO 162, CSIO ; Quool de Riverland ISO 143 ; Qwinto d'Aunou ISO 142 ; Qwintus de Kreisker ISO 149 ; Undercover(be) ISO 146 ; Zique(nl) ISO 147 ; Rackham'Jo, French Champion of the 5YO males 2010, ISO 164 ; Radja d'Artemis ISO 163, CSIO5* ; Ratina Kervec, vice-champion of the 6YO females 2011, ISO 152 ; Raviskadja de Siju ISO 140; Rebelle Tame ISO 143 ; Renzo du Parc ISO 143 ; Replique de Bloye ISO 146 ; Revann de Lojou ISO 150 ; Right Now Semilly ISO 154 ; Rock'N Roll Semilly ISO 174, Champion of France of the 6YO 2011, Champion of France of the 4 YO 2009, CSIO5* ; Rolf des Grez ISO 152 ; Romance de St Simeon ISO 148 ; Rosa du Coisel ISO 153 ; Royalty du Genet ISO 158 ; Rubis de Preuilly ISO 167, CSIO5* ; Rubis Tame ISO 149 ; Sable du Dune Solier ISO 142 ; Safari d'Auge, Champion of France of the 4 YO males 2010, CSI5*, ISO 167 ; Salamera de la Nutria CSIO ; Salombo de Kerglenn ISO 148 ; Samourai de Colchic ISO 146 ; Sandi Puigroq CSIO5* ; Saphir des Chayottes ISO 159, CSIO5* ; Saphir du Talus ISO 156, CSIO5* ; Shakira de Kreisker ISO 141 ; Shana de Kerglenn, Champion of France of the 7YO 2013, ISO 153 ; Sherie Star ISO 148 ; Sheriff de la Nutria(mx) ISO 160, CSIO5* ; Si Bella ISO 148 ; Silverstone G CSIO5* ; Simbad du Guerpre ISO 142 ; Sisko Heutière ISO 142 ; Spirit of Semilly ISO 146 ; Sunshine  CSIO5* ; Sweet de Beaufour ISO 167 ; Swing de Riverland ISO 146 ; Symphonie d'Euskadi ISO 144 ; Hargane Vd Potaarde(be) ISO 141 ; His Black Diamond Vt Arke(be) ISO 148 ; Taiga de Champloue ISO 145 ; Talian de la Hactière ISO 144 ; Tecla d'Auge ISO 174 ; Temporelle de Fritot ISO 142 ; Tentation du Houlbec ISO 146 ; Thara Nantuel ISO 150 ; Hussah T.M. (ex. Tia Semilly) CSIO5* ; Tinetto Jo ISO 142 ; Tintin de la Pomme ISO 155 ; Tiny Toon Semilly CSI5* ISO 159 ; Tipsy Girl Loisel ISO 150 ; Toledo de Kerser ICC 155 ; Tonixe ISO 141 ; Topaze Latour ISO 157 ; Tower Mouche ISO 170 ; Tregor de la Haie ISO 142 ; Twig du Veillon ISO 158 ; Twister du Maraly ISO 145 ; Typie ISO 152; Isibel d'O(be) ISO 141 ; Z Diamanty CSIO ; Ubaye de Galarza ISO 140 ; Uddy de Vernay ISO 150 ; Ugo du Barquet ISO141 ; Ugobak des Baleines ISO 144 ; Ujade Ste Hermelle(be) ISO 150 ; Ulisses ISO 142 ; Umano des Dragons ISO 142 ; Un Diamant d'Azif ISO 147 ; Un Diamant des Forêts ISO 157 ; Un Soir D'Amour ISO 149; Undiams de Varenne ISO 164 ; Une Lumière de Mai ISO 140; Une de Printemps ISO 146 ; Une Futée de Wy ISO 155 ; Union de la Nutria ISO 165; Undercover ISO 151; Unesco du Feu ISO 146 ; Unte des Forêts ISO 147 ; Unteam de la Cense ISO 147; Unzip d'Ick ISO 152 ; Upercut Kervec ISO 146;Upper ISO 151 ; Urano de Cartigny ISO 168 Champion of France of the 5YO males 2013, CSIO5* ; Urenza Has ISO 145 ; Usa de Riverland ISO 144 ; Utamaro d'Ecaussines, CSIO5*, Normandy WEG ;Usika ISO 151 ; Ut de Menjo ISO 146; Ut Majeur de Brecey ISO 152 ; Utesse du Vaisieau ISO 142 ; Uto Kervec ISO 150 ; Utopia Montgothier ISO 146 ; Uvee de Rauracie ISO 142 ; Uyoucouncoun Hogue ISO 151 ; Uzelien ISO 142 ; James Bond du Bec(be) ISO 144 ; Vagabond de Kezeg ISO 147 ; Valentino Tuilière ISO 156; Valkyrie de Talma ISO 143 ; Valkiry de Zance ISO 145 ; Valine de Preuilly ISO 143; Valmy de Kerser ISO 149 ; Valse sauvageonne ISO 149 ; Vannan ISO 149; Vara de Codre ISO 147; Vega de la Roche ISO 156 ; Velours d'Argouges ISO 141 ; Vendetta Treize ISO 153; Vendome d'Anchat ISO 160 ; Veneur D'Isigny ISO 148; Venizia d'Aiguilly ISO 158 ; Ventura de la Chaule ICC 150 ; Venus du Miral ISO 144 ; Verboise Margot ISO 151 ; Verdi Treize ISO 147; Vert Degris ISO 153 ; Vertu Meniljean Champion of France of the 5 YO 2014 ;Very Chic du Tillard ISO 142 ; Very Nice Girl ISO 141 ; Vesta de Lavardin ISO 144 ; Vialotta d'Ick ISO 148 ; Viamant du Matz ICC 146 ; Viamdios d'Avril ISO 154 ; Vibrato d'Enocq ISO 146 ; Viking des Embruns ISO 141 ; Villamoura ISO 150; Vinci de Beaufour ISO 140; Vip des Lacs ISO 142 ; Virtuoso Semilly ISO 150; Vital Chance ISO 157; Vitellius des Dames ISO 142 ; Vivolta de Gree ISO 145 ; Voice de Chenaie ISO 151 ; Voila Lara ISO 141; Volcano du Marais ISO 144 ; Volga d'Altenbach ISO 145 ; Vuiton de Kreisker ISO 143 ; A Futee de Wy ISO 158 ; A Kyss ISO 141; Absinth des Baleines ISO 142 ; Airmes des Baleines ISO 151 ; Alba Castelforte ISO 140; Alkoumi de Solma ISO 146 ; Allegra Jo ISO 144 ; Aloha de Presle ISO 150 ; Amant du Chateau ISO 148 ; Amareto de la Perelle ISO 142; Americano de Kreisker ISO 144 ; Amethyste du Coty ISO 154; Amour d'Eole ISO 144 ; Andiamo Semilly ISO 141, Champion of France of the 4YO 2014 ;Angelina Gibay ISO 141; Antidote de Mars ISO 141; Arioto ISO 154 ; Ascott des Veaux ISO 141; Astone de Beaufour ISO 145 ; Astuce du Paradis ISO 141 ; Atomika ISO 142; Auckland de l'enclos ISO 141 ; Avelino de Cresta ISO 143 ; Away Semilly ISO 142 ; Azur de Lannay ISO 152 ; Diamantino(lu) ISO 143 ; Bacarole des Baleines ISO 141 ; Bali des Cèdres Verts ISO 143; Baobabb ISO 141 ; Batman d'aiguilly ISO 141, Beluga Noir ISO 145 ; Best of Iscla ISO 147 ; Blood diamant ISO 141; Bond Jamesbond de Hay ISO 146 ; Bonnie ISO 143 ; Boreal Nantuel ISO 140; Brume de Rauracie ISO 144 ; Bulgari de Carva ISO 146; Cadum de Champloue ISO 141; Carati des Sablières ISO 145; Carbone du Cyan ISO 143; Chenoa des Blés ISO 141; Chica de Louravi ISO 145; Chinook Semilly ISO 144; Chipie Chic Semilly ISO 140; Claudio Fizz ISO 143; Confidence d'Ass ISO 149; Cyria des Roques ISO 144 …

BSO + 29 (1,00).


Quickly de Kreisker
Quickly de Kreisker


Heliodor Hybris
Heliodor Hybris


Pacific des Essarts

Océane de Nantuel

Safari d'Auge

Rock'N Roll
Rock'n Roll Semilly

Emilie de Diamant A S
Emilie de Diamant

Polinska des Isles
Polinska des Isles

Tiny Toon Semilly

Utamaro d Ecaussines
Utamaro d'Ecaussines

Pikeur Dylon

Deauville S
Deauville S

He stands out distinctly from the other stallions by the average indexes of his offspring which regularly and from several years clearly higher. It is very rare to see such a regular superiority in a stallion's progeny ! This has got consequences on the showjumping results of his offspring but also on their prices !
Without talking about the private sales, the adjudication's prices for Diamant de Semilly's offspring
are regularly among the best, like at Fences auction sales 2017 with Exquis de Vizy sold at 3YO 80000€, or in 2015 with Couleur Latour sold at 3YO 90000€, Figari de Kreisker filly sold 46000€, or in 2014 with Escada de Courcel, 6 months old filly sold 30000 €, or in 2013 with Dior de Courcel, filly of the year sold 33000 € and Amarena de la Violle, 3 YO mare sold 52000 €, in 2012 : Chanel de Courcel, 6 months old filly sold 45000 €, or in 2011 at Fences auction sales where three foals made the Top Prices : Katcha 35000 € on friday, Babylone de Courcel 28000 € on saturday and Boheme Baerenrain 17000 € on thursday. the other Diamant de Semilly's products selected for this sale have also been very well sold like the 3YO : Urlando des Forêts : 70000€, Une Lumière de Mai : 25000€, ... In 2010, at Fences auction sales : the Top Price on thursday went to 110000€ for 3 YO Diamant's filly : Typie. All the other Diamant de Semilly's offspring have also been very well sold, like : Toulouse de Talma (3 YO) : 48000€, Tonixe (3 YO) : 30000€. In 2009, at Fences auction sales : 58000€ for a filly (Diamant x Kannan), 35000 € for a foal (Diamant x Sandro) and 80000€ for a 4 YO by Diamant. In foreign countries it is the same, like at Zangersheide where two of his foals made the Top prices at 16000 €. During the 2008 autumn Fences auction sales, it is also a Diamant's foal which made the Top Price, being sold 19000 €. At 2008 NASH auction sales a 3 YO filly by Diamant has been solde for 32000€ and a 3 YO entire 70000€. At 2007 Fences auction sales, Diamant's foals already made the Top Prices (32000 €) and it was the same for his 3YO (80000 €) ...

Diamant de Semilly is the Best Sire of the French young horses qualified for the Championships in Fontainebleau through their quantity and also their quality.
In 2017, Diamant is the sire of the vice World Champion du Monde of the 6YO, Oak Grove's Darshan (ex. Boreal de Nantuel) and the Champion of France of the 5YO males, Catchar Mail, in 2015, the sire of the French Champion of the 6YO males, Vendome d'Anchat, in 2014 the sire of the French Champion of the 5YO females, Vertu Mesniljean and sire of the 4YO males French Champion, Andiamo Semilly. In 2013, Diamant is the sire of the 7 YO Champion, Shana de Kerglenn, the 5YO Champion Urano de Cartigny, the vice-champion of the 5 YO Un Diamant des Forêts, the 3rd of the 5 YO females Unte des Forêts, the 3rd of the 4 YO males Vendome d'Anchat. Among around 30 horses ranked "Elite" in 2013, there were almost 1/3 of Diamant ! In 2012, Typie is placed 3rd of the 5YO Championships and Uto Kervec 3rd of the 4YO. In 2011 Diamant de Semilly is the sire of the 6YO French Champion, Rock’n Roll Semilly, the 6YO females vice-championne Ratina Kervec, the 4YO females vice-championne Tradition Ixe and the 3rd of the 5YO females Shana Kerglenn. In 2010, he is the sire of the 4YO males Champion : Safari d'Auge and the 5YO males Champion : Rack'ham Jo. He is also the dam sire of the 5YO females Champion, Rafale de Kerglenn. In 2009, he is the sire of the 4 YO male Champion : Rock’n Roll Semilly, the 5 YO female Champion : Quandice de Kerglenn and the 5 YO male vice-Champion : Quointreau Un Prince, and also many others ranked Elite, Excellents or Very Good.
All over the World, Diamant's offspring are also under the light ! In 2011, the 7YO Sires of the World of Mechelen have sacred 3 sons of Diamant : 1st Emerald, 2nd Utamaro d'Ecaussines, 4th Elvis Ter Putte. The 7YO Belgium Champion 2011, Erenice Horta, the 6YO vice-Champion of Belgium is Dartagnan Z and the 3rd of the 5YO is Gloria, are all Diamant's offspring.The 2011 Oldenbourg Stallions Champion is a Diamant de Semilly x PhinPhin ! Emerald, vice-Champion of the 6YO World Championships 2010. Diamanti, 5 YO Champion of Italy 2009. Elite van de Padenborre, 4 YO Champion of Belgium 2008. Diarado, 2007 Supreme Champion of the Holsteiner Stallions. Jalousie Louvo, 2001 Irish 4 YO Champion ...

In eventing, Diamant's offspring is also going on very well, like : Ventura de la Chaule ICC144 and Toledo de Kerser, ICC142, vice World Champion of the 7YO eventers in 2014 !

Diamant de Semilly is placed 5th Best Sire of eventing winners in France.

Diamant de Semilly, Sire of Champions under the saddle of young riders, which proves the EASINESS of his offspring and its competitivity at each level !
Elora SCHMITTER Champion of France Cadets 2014
with QUEL MEC GERBAUX (Diamant x Pegase Gerbaux)

Lalie SACLIER Champion of France Juniors 2014
withQUEBEC UN PRINCE (Diamant x Concorde)


The outstanding quality of his offspring has no end to astound the experts of sport horse breeding.

Special Breeding issue 2018 of L'EPERON - Top 50 of the stallions based on the 2017 results of their offspring registered in France
Diamant remains the leading sire far away in front of the other ones !

Special Breeding issue 2017 of L'EPERON
Diamant de Semilly remains at the top of all the rankings :
Best stallion of the WBFSH sires rankings,
Best stallion by the Blup BSO
(genetic index for showjumping),
Best sire of showjumping winners,
and even in eventing, his offsping is coming on very well !


Article from the special breeding issue 2015 of L'EPERON :
To the question : "Among the european stallions, which ones do you prefer ?" Henk Noren answers firstly Diamant de Semilly : "Nowadays on the international scene, we find many good jumpers by Diamant de Semilly. Himself had an exceptional career. He had a lot of strength, stamina for the big championships and more over, huge scope. And he seems to transmit all those qualities to his offspring."

Article from Breeding News n°202 - October 2013 :
Bright Diamant
(article by Maïté Ganzin on the "Grande Semaine de Fontainebleau" : French national age-group finals 2013) :
"[...]Although the sun shone relentlessly during all nine days, true to his name - Diamond, in english - Diamant de Semilly shone brighter than all the other stallions. Not only could he claim to have sired five out of the 11 "Elite" awarded horses, but he is also the father to both of the French Champion and the vice-champion in the 5YO male SF category : Urano de Cartigny [...] and Un Diamant des Forêts [...]. In the female 5YO category, Diamant has passed his qualities to one of the best young mares, Unte des Forêts [...] who came 3rd [...]. Last but not the least, another Diamant daughter, Shana de Kerglenn [...] earned the French Champion title in the 7YO Criterium [...]."


Click on the picture to discover this article.

Article from Breeding News Stallion Directory 2013 :
Sires of Sires
"Gaining the most ground, from 14th place last year to now sit in 6th place, is another French stallion Diamant de Semilly. An outstanding showjumper under the saddle of Eric Levallois, Diamant was member of the winning French team and ranked inividually 9th during the 2002 World Championships and became French showjumping champion in the same year. In 2003 he was a member of the silver medal winning French team at the European Championship in Donaueschingen. His number of approved sires has increased from 52 to 67, while his sire, Le Tot de Semilly, also moved upwards from 20th ot 18th."

Young Sires uphold the inheritance factor. Top Sires of young guns
"Diamant de Semilly, ranked 3rd last year, rose into the runners-up position (2nd). This Le Tot de Semilly son ... is already well established as one of the best Selle Français stallions."

Articles from the special breeding issue 2012 of L'EPERON :
Stallion with the best Blup (showjumping index) :

"Looking at the low base of the showjumping index, Diamant de Semilly keeps the head of the ranking list [...] at the hit parade of the sires of performers stallions, Diamant de Semilly (sire of 13) is still the best one far from the others." Elisabeth de Linares
Best Sire of showjumping winners :
"Diamant de Semilly, already leader since three years, confirms his place of best reproductor ! He keeps the best score and the best total of representatives in the scores. He also has a remarquable proportion of good winners and also the highest number of "great winners" : 43 horses indexed the same year more than 140 and among them 6 indexed more than 160 !" Bernard Dumont Saint-Priest

And all over the World as well : like in Germany (Article PferdeSport 25 février 2012) or in Hollande (Article Sport Horse Breeding Septembre 2007), ...

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Diamant de Semilly is very easy to breed : He brings blood, strong backs, sound legs, very good balance, great canter, size, exceptional willingness and a lot of quality over the fences with natural very good hind leg technique (which is very important with the forecasted end of use of the hind boots in showjumping).
Diamant doesn't pass on the Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome. He has been tested WFFS negativ.

You cannot go wrong with Diamant and his offspring is looked forward and usually very well sold !

Moreover, Diamant has got an exceptionnal fertility rate.


You can bring your mare to France for being inseminated. In this case, the stud fee is divided in two parts :

2019 conditions : 300 euros at reservation + 2500 euros if the mare is pregnant (Live Foal Guarantee)
The mares are inseminated with fresh or frozen semen
Don't miss the opportunity to use such a great stallion, still available in fresh semen !

It is also possible to send frozen and/or chilled semen to another French AI center (shipping costs in addition)

Towards foreign countries, we can send you the semen directly or through our brokers if there is one who works for us in your country. For all information, feel free to contact us by email : contact@semilly.com

The doses' quality is certified by Eurogen and Diamant de Semilly's semen presents an exceptional fertility rate.



ISO : Showjumping Index
ICC : Eventing Index
IDR : Dressage Index
IE : exported horses ranked in international classes CSI /CSIO / CSIW
100 to 120 : Good
120 to 140 : Very Good
140 to 160 : Excellent
160 and more : The Best