SF stallion certified "ELITE" for jumping
Chestnut - 1,70 m (16,3hh) - 2004 - BSO +26(0,89) - ISO 171 - CSIO5*

Breeder : Richard Levallois (Normandy)
Owned by Aleksandr ONYSHENKO (Ukraine)
Breeding career keep managed by SCEA Levallois Richard
- Haras de Semilly - 50680 Couvains


Quebracho combines the strength, carefulness and great mental
of his sire Le Tot de Semilly, with more size, blood and scope.
Naturally endowed with great talents for showjumping and super willingness,
Quebracho jumped at the highest level (placed in 1,60m Grand Prix CSIO5*) !

Quebracho Semilly is also the greatest revelation in France as sire of young showjumpers !


, his sire :

 One of the best sire in the world.

Famous international jumping winner. ISO 177 (85)
 He began to produce in 1985. He produced more than 1000 jumping winners and 70 stallions. He has now more than 77% of its offspring which is indexed among those which are older enough for being indexed, and more than 420 present an ISO higher than 120, which is exceptional !

His outstanding offspring includes : Diamant de Semilly, ISO 184 ; Ultimée du Chemin IE SO ; Useful III IE SO ; Venezuelian IE SO ; Ashley (ex-Alizé des Isles) IE SO : famous international winner with Mickaël Whitaker ; Azrael des Joncs IE SO ; Boléro de Brecey ISO 172 and Birdy du Gisors ISO 152, national stallions, European Young Riders Team Gold Medal in 1997 ; Fidji du Fleury, SBS stallion, ISO 167 ; Dohitzun Guernica IE SO, qualified for the WEG 2002 ; Dyaka de Semilly IE SO ; Elkintot IE SO, 18th of the WEG 2002 ; Eloïse de Semilly IE SO, WEG 2002 with the Australian team ; Etoile du Château IE SO ; Fétiche du Pas, French vice-champion of the 4 years old and champion of the 6 years old, ISO 149 ; Fidélio de Ravel ISO 169, IE SO ; Fidji du Fleury IE SO ; Flamenco deSemilly IE SO ; Frisson de Balme ISO 153 ; Fugue d'Helby IE SO ; Giotto II ISO 161 ; Ideal de Prissey ISO 170, Champion of France of the 6 years old ; Eurocommerce Vancouver (ex : Isard du Rietz) IE SO, ISO 152 ; Ismailia de Lormette ISO 173 ; Item de Quintin IE SO, ISO 159 ; Itot du Château ISO 193 ; Jasper Bleu ISO 162 ; Jumping du Rozel IE SO, ISO 160 ; Korto Maltese ISO 156 ; Lambre du Chêne ISO 167 ; Magnun du Verron ISO 153 ; Nagir ISO 160 ; Natchez des Ifs ISO 142 ; Nervoso ISO 170 ; Newton de Vains ISO 155 ; Nils de Lojou ISO 151 ; Okavango Semilly ISO 128 ; Osiris de Goyen ISO 161 ; Pebbles d'Yzenbeeck IE SO, ISO 160 ; Picsou du Chêne ISO 176 ; Pigmalion du Rozel ISO 166 ; Quenndal de Loujou ISO 159 ; Querido du Tillard ISO 151 ; etc.


MELODIE DE SEMILLY, his 1st dam.
Directly used as a broodmare, this splendid filly of Eyken des Fontenis (son of Quidam de Revel himself) is a young broodmare. Quebracho is her first offspring and her full sister has been exported to Columbia. His next sister by Diamant de Semilly, Venezia Semilly, begins the young horses classes in France with success, ISO 120 !

Mélodie de Semilly


Venezia Semilly - 5 YO

CAMPAGNE III, his 2nd dam, has also produced :

1997 Jerk de Semilly, ISO 128, SF approved stallion exported to Ecuador
1999 Leika de Semilly, ISO 143
2004 Quick Shot Semilly, ISO 134
2005 Really Semilly, ISO 128
2009 Vangelis Semilly, ISO 130, SF and AES approved stallion

QUALMA, his 3rd dam, has also produced :
1986 Une en Noir, ISO 126
1994 Galoise
1998 Kalise, ISO 123
1999 Le Roi, ISO 115

DJEMILA, his 4th dam, has also produced :
1974 Ivoirine
1978 Massina II, ISO 106
1988 Alizé du Don, ISO 127
1990 Calypso Degrinvil, ISO 118
1991 Duchesse Degrinvil, ISO 116, ICC 115
1979 Nustria
1986 Ulvana du Puits, ISO 137
1989 Bellino du Puits, ISO 124
1993 Facilia du Puits
  2005 Risk du Puits, ISO 146
  2009 Vichy du Puits, ISO 147
1995 Hizanka du Puits
  2001 Nacelle du Puits, ISO 146
1983 Royale Star du Don , ISO 117
1990 Cosmon, ISO 149 IE SO
1978 Mack, ISO 117
1980 Otaria, ISO 117
1987 Vicomte de la Foye , ISO 129
1981 Penelle, ISO 124
1983 Ralto, ISO 140
1986 Udjyna
1997 Jalli Khan de Panoly
2007 Top Gun de Ouistreham, ISO 121
2002 Oisive Duverie
2009 Verostar Duverie, ISO 123
1987 Vemilac, ISO 115
1990 Castelle II,
2000 Matinal Charbonière, ISO 118
2002 Ode de la Charbonière
2011 Belle Charbonière, ISO 127
2012 Chipie Charbonière, ISO 130
2003 Perle de Charbonière
2012 Cybelle Charbonière, ISO 127

ULTRA BELLE, his 5th dam, has also produced :

1972 Garcette
1987 Viky de valois
1993 Furka du Garun, ISO 119
1999 Laos du Garun, ISO 113
1989 Balahée du Logis, ISO 131
1977 Lutesse
1981 Palto, IDR 121, ICC 114
1982 Queltece, ISO 122

JASMINEE, his 6th dam, has also produced :

1963 Tonkinoise, ISO 126
1976 Keruzoret, ISO 137
1968 Carpette, ISO 113

Leika de Semilly

Vangelis Semilly


Quebracho Semilly - 2nd of the Nations Cup CSIO4* Linz 2015

In 2015, Quebracho is regularly placed at the highest international level, ISO 171 ! 2nd Nations Cup CSIO4* Linz, 2nd in a 1,50m class in Amsterdam CSI4* where he is also 12th in the Grand Prix, 11th GP CSI5* S'Hertogenbosch, 17th GP CSI5* Basel, etc.

Quebracho keeps improving towards the highest level, being placed 5th of the 1,60m GP in Falsterbo CSIO5*, 2nd of the 1,60m GP in Hardelot CSI3*, 2nd in a 1,55m class in La Corona CSI5*, 3rd in a 1,55m class in Paris Gucci Masters CSI5*, 3rd in a 1,50m class in Donaueschingen CSI3*, 5th in a 1,55m in Verona CSIW5*, 8th in the GP of Lier CSI**, 9th in the GP of Maastricht CSI3*, etc.

In 2013, with his new ridder, Nina Fagerstrom, Quebracho is coming at the Top Level ! 2nd of Zandhoven Grand Prix CSI***.

In 2012, Quebracho is still regularly placed in Grand Prix : 4th of Villedieu GP140, 2nd of Deauville GP135, 4th of Les Pieux GP140, winner of Les Pieux GP135, 5th of the 1,40m speed class in Deauville, 10th of Greville Hague GP140, 3rd of Greville Hague GP135, ... At the end of the season, Quebracho went to Eric Levallois' stables and won the first international GP : 1st of Le Mans GP CSI !

Quebracho Semilly - 5th of the 1,60m Grand Prix CSIO5* Falsterbo 2014

Quebracho Semilly - 2nd of a 1,55m class in La Corona CSI5* - jump off

Quebracho Semilly - 9th of Maastricht CSI3* GP 2014

Quebracho Semilly - 2nd of the 1,60m Grand Prix in Hardelot CSI3* 2014

In 2011, Quebracho is doing an excellent 7YO season, regularly placed : 5th of the 7YO of the Normandy Horse Show, 9th in the GP of Notre Dame d'Estrées, 5th of Auvers 1,35m GP and 8th of another 1,35m class, 3rd of the 7 YO GP in Deauville, 8th of Greville-Hague 1,30m GP, 3rd of Bayeux 1,35m GP, 6th of Les Pieux 1,35m GP, 4th of Auvers 1,35m GP, 3rd and 5th in Auvers 7 YO classes. Quebracho is finalist of the French 7YO Critérium.
In 2010, Finalist in the 6 YO French Championships, he is 3rd of the Criterium and 10th of the 6 YO males Championship, ranked "Excellent".
At 5 YO, he realised 19 clear rounds above 19. Finalist at Fontainebleau, he is also vice-champion of Normandy of the 5 YO and finished Champion of France 2009 of the Inter-Regional Shows for the 5 YO at Equita’Lyon.

At 4 YO, he realised 14 clear rounds above 14 and finished vice-champion of Normandy and 3rd of the French 4 YO males Championship, ranked "Elite".

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Quebracho Semilly is the greatest revelation in France as sire of showjumpers !  

He confirms his place among the best sires in the French young horses finals in Fontainebleau, which prove the quality and the consistency of his offspring and how precocious it is !

The exceptionnal quality of his first offspring already placed him 18th best French stallion. He is one of the rare young stallions to be ranked so well !
SF stallion certified "ELITE" for jumping.
BSO +26(0,89)

Classement des meilleurs pères de chevaux qualifiés pour les finales 2016
des cycles classiques de la Grande Semaine de Fontainebleau édité par L'Eperon

Among his best offspring, there are : Babou ISO 119, Baladin de l'Epine ISO 114, Banbaka Philou ICC 126, Banie de Keos ISO 116, Bauloise la Chesnais ISO 134, Being des Toons ISO 132, Belavenir d'St George ISO 114, Belle Girl ISO 128, Bobino de la Trigale ISO 129, Bolero de Launay ISO 142, Boudchou d'Ha ISO 112, Bounty Coco ISO 117, Boyar'in de Dienay ISO 133, Brabant Belladonne ISO 121, Browny Boy Lacour ISO 136, Buenosdias ISO 113, Camee de Seves ISO 116, Carlo Sam ISO 128, Casall de Bethune ISO 131, Cermione des Roys ISO 123, Cesar de Beaufour ISO 128, Chabada de l'Esques ISO 122, Chacha de Bethune ISO 130, Chardonnay de Roy ISO 113, Cherry Nok ISO 133, Coca in du Riol ISO 116, Cocaine Destel ISO 122, Cosma du Cyan ISO 129, Crazy Nice de Premol ISO 121, Crocus des Prés ISO 112, Cybelle du Bessin ISO 117, Danais Belladonne ISO 116,Desir du Parc ISO 112, Dinky Toys de Bethune ISO 114, Drution de l'Olivier ISO 117, Etincelle de Lolivier ISO 113, etc.

Quebracho begins breeding in 2010. His first offspring has nice shape with chic, size, strength, good canter and very easy temperament.

Banie de Keos - 4 YO
Quebracho Semilly x J'T'Adore

Boyar'in de Diénay
Quebracho x Ascot d'Elle

Quidam vom Ilum
Quebracho Semilly x Galoubet A

Franc Veneur
Quebracho Semilly x Germino d'Elle

Bolero de Launay
Quebracho x Flipper d'Elle

Bracho du Beliard
Quebracho Semilly x Ahorn

Banbaka Philou
Quebracho x Gavroche de Quincy

Quidam vom Ilum - best Swiss 5YO 2016
Quebracho Semilly x Galoubet A

Cesar de Beaufour
Quebracho Semilly x Tourlouroux

Browny Boy Lacour
Quebracho x Poor Boy

Banbaka Philou
Quebracho x Gavroche de Quincy

Cherry Nok
Quebracho x Piano II

Banie de Keos (4 ans)
Quebracho Semilly x J'T'Adore

Casall de Bethune
Quebracho x Come On

Quidam vom Ilum - 3YO Switzerland
Quebracho Semilly x Galoubet A

Banbaka Philou

Quebracho x Gavroche de Quincy

Boyar'in de Diénay
Quebracho Semilly x Ascot d'Elle

Bracho du Beliard
Quebracho Semilly x Ahorn

Bauloise la Chesnais
Quebracho x Bamby d'Elle

Bueno Semilly
Quebracho Semilly x Narcos II x Diaghilev xx

Chabada de l'Esques
Quebracho x Apache d'Adriers

Belle de France
Quebracho x Qredo de Paulstra

Cocaine Destel
Quebracho Semilly x Plafiat

Coeur d'Amour de Coco
Quebracho Semilly x Pamphile

Gazelle du Barsac
Quebracho x Fidelio du Thot

Helepole du Coq
Quebracho Semilly x Cincaba Rouge

Diane d'Anbel
Quebracho x Oakland xx

Follow Saint Clair
Quebracho Semilly x Robin II Z

Baladin de l'Epine
Quebracho Semilly x Si Tu Viens

Banbaka Philou
Quebracho x Gavroche de Quincy


Son of the Leading Sire Le Tot de Semilly with size and scope, Quebracho crosses perfectly well with light mares, not too tall and having enough blood.
He brings to his progeny his size, scope, power, strong sound legs, nice conformation, good canter, top jumping style, and the most important : a fantastic rideability.



You can bring your mare to France for being inseminated. In this case, the stud fee is divided in two parts :

2019 conditions : 300 euros at reservation + 900 euros if the mare is pregnant (Live Foal Guarantee)

At Haras de Semilly, the inseminations and scans are included.
The mares are inseminated with frozen semen.

It is also possible to send frozen semen to another french AI center (shipping costs to add).

Towards foreign countries, we can send you the semen directly or through our brokers if there is one who works for us in your country. For all information, feel free to contact us by email : contact@semilly.com

The doses' quality is certified by Eurogen and Quebracho Semilly's semen presents an excellent fertility rate.



ISO : Showjumping Index
ICC : Eventing Index
IDR : Dressage Index
IE : exported horses ranked in international classes CSI /CSIO / CSIW
100 to 120 : Good
120 to 140 : Very Good
140 to 160 : Excellent
160 and more : The Best