Selle Français - Dark bay - 1,71 m (17hh) - 1998 - ISO 122
Stallion recommended for jumping and eventing
Breeder : Rémi Mesnil (Normandy)
Owned by S.C.E.A. Levallois - Haras de Couvains - 50680 Couvains



KEOPS is a dream horse …
with outstanding conformation and presence, expressive gaits,
spirit, agility, and strength over the fences ...
Keops produces nice horses, with scope, size, chic, blood, nice paces and easy mind,
which make them easy to sell for jumping, eventing or dressage.




 Arioso comes from an excellent tail female line. His 3rd dam, the famous Tanagra, is the mother of the great sire Jalisco B ISO 169 and also the mother of Danoso, CSIO winner, ISO 178, Escurial, ISO 145, Geisha N, ISO 150, etc. The latter three, also by Night and Day xx, are full siblings of Maharanée, the 2nd dam of Arioso du Theillet.
 After good jumping performances in France, he was exported to Switzerland where he now wins in CSIO.
 ISO 167
As a private stallion, he began breeding in 1995. Early exported, he left few offspring in France, but their quality balance out their small quantity. In 2002, Arioso du Theillet had two 4 years old offspring ranked " Elite " above 5 births and most of his Selle Français offspring presents good index like : Ibiza de Malie ISO 142 ; Karioso Manciais ISO 140, "Elite" and 2nd of its generation at 4 years old
King d’Alventot ISO 140 ; Tarioso Manciais ISO 162 ; Ulakhani Villa Rose ISO 149 ; Usija des Blès ISO 140 ; and of course Idéo du Thot ISO 180 IE SO, exported to Switzerland where he competes successfully in CSIO with Beat Mandli ; etc.

Arioso du Theillet

Ideo du Thot

POLKA DU VINNEBUS, his 1st dam, comes from a good norman bloodline and daughter of the great thoroughbred Count Ivor xx. After making her mark in eventing, ICC 114, she became a broodmare and produced :

1990 Corso du Vinnebus, ISO 113
1992 Etoile du Vinnebus
2001 Noblesse de l'Ille, ISO 118
2003 Pin Up de l'Ill, ISO 123
2007 Top de l'Ill, ISO 118
1994 Gardien du Vinnebus, winner in CSO and in CCE
1996 Horizon du Vinnebus, ISO 111

CARMEN DU FIEF, his 2nd dam, great jumping winner, ISO 139, she has produced :
1980 Oceana du Vinnebus, ISO 130
1992 Epaminondas, ISO 133, private stallion
1999 Loustic des Saules, ISO 120
1983 Riquita du Vinnebus, ISO 116
1991 Dagan du Meix, ISO 138, private stallion
1993 Furie du Meix, ISO 128
1994 Gemini du Meix
2007 Taote, ISO 115

Havane du Meix, IE SO

1996 It's Me du Meix
2006 Sembe d'Imani, ISO 110
2007 Tell Me Dorchival, ISO 125
2008 Ub'Air Dorchival, ISO 145
2011 Bah Landa Dorchival, ISO 123
1998 Keepling du Meix, ISO 128
1999 Lazzio du Meix, ISO 118
2000 Mousse du Meix
2006 So Sweet du Meix, ISO 114
2008 Uka du Galopin, ICC 127
2006 Saveur Kokka, ISO 119
2008 Uprilia Kokka, ISO 110
1984 Sirene du Vinnebus, ISO 113
1994 Grillon du Vinnebus, ICC 121
1995 Hardi du Vinnebus, ISO 112
1998 Kiki du Vinnebus, ISO 125
2001 Natif du Vinnebus, ICC 111
1992 Equiland du Vinnebus, ISO 131
1994 Goeland du Vinnebus, ISO 127

OCEANA DU FIEF, his 3rd dam : has also produced
1962 Sylviane du Fief
1968 Coute un Peu, ISO 124
1978 Milady du Thot, ISO 121
1981 Postulat du Thot, ISO 121
1969 Dgef
1981 Panacee du Thot, ISO 160, CSI 160
1963 Toska du Fief
1968 Colombe III
1972 Gondole du Fief, ISO 129
1978 Moulin Normand, ISO 139
1986 Un Moulin, ICC 142, IDR 132
1969 Diville, national stallion
1965 Vestale du Fief
1969 Dolly du Fief
1973 Historia, ISO 125
1975 Janie du Fief, ICC 121
1969 Doria du Fief, ISO 127
1972 Gardienne du Fief, ICC 124

SYLVIANE DU FIEF, his 4th dam :

1949 Florianne du Fief
1967 Belga du Fief
1975 Jyvale du Fief, IE SO
1956 Mirka du Fief
1964 Urbain, national stallion
1968 Cyriane
1976 Kim de Bellevue, IE SO, ICC 131
1963 Trottinette, ISO 115
1976 Kolibri III , IE SO


 Supreme French Champion of the Foals in 1998.

 French reserve Champion of the 2 years old in 2000.

 Supreme French Champion of the 3 years old stallions in 2001.

 In 2002, 4th place in the 4 years old class at the French National Championship, ranked "Elite", and nominated " Best French 4 years old of the Year " in Paris .

At 5 years old, qualified for the French Championships. After a good start in the 6 years old classes, he has been injured and had to stop competition.
 ISO 122


He began breeding in 2002. His first foals are already well-ranked in breeding shows : Polka du Donjon, 2nd at the Norman championship and 7th at the 2003 National French Championship ; Palesto de l'Abbaye, 3rd at the Norman championship and 15th at the 2003 National French Championship. In 2004, Quenzo de la Fosse is 3rd of the French foals Championship.
Among his first offspring indexed in CSO and eventing : Epson de Bordenave ISO 124, Eusteule d'Uhart ISO 113, P'tit Mec Gem ISO 122, Palesto de l'Abbaye ISO 122, Plume du Mont ISO 124, Poker de l'Abbaye ISO 134, Qualypso de Beauval ISO 114, Quampala du Banier IDR 112, Quarioso ISO 115, Quinoa d'Ast ISO 115, Quenzo de la Fosse ISO 110, Quita du Bois d'Elle ISO 114, Quorail d'Herbiers ISO 119, Rapsodie d'Elven ISO 110, Ripolin Mondain ISO 128, Roky Dorcel ISO 129 exported to England, Rose de la Poulinière ISO 139, Roudou de Candie ICC 130, Royale d'Helby ICC 118, Sirius de Mezy ISO 110, Soleil de Brières ISO 110, Suline du Galetay ISO 125, Sylab ISO 122, Un Camillo Mondain ISO 116 ; ...

Vehlicka Sodh
Keops du Vinnebus x Sleeping Car xx

Foal by Keops du Vinnebus
winner of the foals show at Haras de Sames 2014

Suline du Galetay
Keops du Vinnebus x Diamant de Semilly

Roky Dorcel
Keops x Le Tot de Semilly

Roudou de Candie
Keops du Vinnebus x O'Malley

Keops x Tresor de Cheux

Polka du Donjon
Keops x Diamant de Semilly

Roudou de Candie
Keops du Vinnebus x O'Malley

Venus d'Oreal
Keops x Le Prince de Thurin

Un Camillo Mondain
Keops x Double Espoir

Rose de la Poulinière
Keops x Type d'Elle

Keops x Dollar de Semilly

Fantome du Montceau
Keops x Apache d'Adriers


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Keops can be used as a jumping, eventing or dressage stallion. His foals exhibit very harmonious lines with soft and light gaits. They are chic, forward-going, with a good size, very good minded, respectful and show all of their sire's spirit

L'Eperon - Newspaper article
Danish studbook's representatives on a visit to France.
For the first time since its establishment, "Dansk Varmblood" studbook, which is wellknown for its dressage horses but also recognizing its gaps as regards breeding showjumping horses, has entrusted its breeding Commission to do a study tour in France in order to discover the Selle Français and our selection system. [...]

on behalf of Tomy Jensen, Olympic dressage rider and trainer of Marzog, "Dressage Horse of Century" (which has also participated to high level showjumping classes) : "As a dressage rider, among all the horses we saw in France, Keops du Vinnebus (SCEA Levallois), 2001 Supreme Champion, has the characteristics we are looking forward. Keops du Vinebus (Arioso du Theillet) has got long limbs and a very harmonious model with a good neck compare to many other horses we saw which had a shorter neck. We think that the horses which present such a characteristic are easier to ride, and that whatever the discipline you practice."


You can bring your mare to France for being inseminated. In this case, the stud fee is divided in two parts :

2019 conditions : 300 euros at reservation + 300 euros if the mare is pregnant (Live Foal Guarantee)

At Haras de Semilly, the inseminations and scans are included.
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The doses' quality is certified by Eurogen and Keops du Vinnebus semen presents an excellent fertility rate.



ISO : Showjumping Index
ICC : Eventing Index
IDR : Dressage Index
IE : exported horses ranked in international classes CSI /CSIO / CSIW
100 to 120 : Good
120 to 140 : Very Good
140 to 160 : Excellent
160 and more : The Best